nftown places

Travel the World of Web3.
1000 locations across the globe.

Join us on the journey to establish community centers around the world to promote local Projects and expand the web3 world. We will strengthen the bonds of communities through the development of real-world locations for web3 locals to meet, network, and support one another.

How do I become a Places Landlord?

How does it work?
Choose and arrive at one of our landmarks
Record a video with the code from our Twitter Bio!
How does it work?
How does it work?
Share it on Twitter with #nftown and @nftown_com
How does it work?
After approval, you can go on our mint site to mint 2 free NFTs and become a landlord.

Holders of the places NFT Landlords can look forward to AR Elements tied to the specific locations along with a stake in profits generated by that local community.

Collect places.

Community is the core building stone and as Community we build real-life utility for each Place! Build realsons to come together, to travel to each place and benefits that are only available through nftown Places.

Find out more about our Places and Landlords on our socials.