About us

We are builders. For the last 25 years, we have been shaping and building the structure of the world that we live in. We developed the infrastructure for internet and mobile banking for some of the largest financial institutions in Europe at the onset of the mobile era.

In addition to experience with blockchain wallet security management, we have 25 years of proficiency in large-scale development in Web1 and Web2.

Core team

From building software systems for energy and air-traffic industries to app development, we have considerable expertise in leading large teams to deliver innovative projects at scale.

Radek Sukala


Tomas Topinka


Pavel Velkov


Petr Plavec

Legal NFTs Head

Millions of people rely upon the critical apps and services that we have built to safeguard their confidential information.

Alexandr Sevrjukov

Head of development

Tomas Jedlicka

Product Head

Lukas Polidar

Growth Head

Tomas Novacek

Creative Genius

Elijah Cooper


Dan Hladik

NFTs in HR Head

With an emphasis on security, scaling, and great user experience, we are now taking our expertise further into Web3.

Martin Kavka

Story telling NFTs Head

Michal Kuranda

UX/UI Designer

Martin Matejovsky

FE Developer

Patrik Krajcsovics

Web Wizard

Alexander Russanow

FE Developer

Josef Prochazka

BE Developer

Dan Minchuk


Peter Trahnuk

FE Developer

Filip Flusser

Music NFTs Head

Leona Vokalova

Community Support

Lenka Přerostová

HR Manager

Adam Sukala

Community Support

Peter Kiss


Lukas Hasenfratz

Marketing, Partnerships and Community